Mapping Food Politics in Indonesia, Part II

By Huiying Ng, part ofTANAH (SG) Post Salon, Mapping process The mapping process evolved through the first Salon held at Lifepatch, withTANAH and Bakudapan. It was mentored by Ita Fatia Nadia (Bu Ita), a leading feminist scholar. The mapping process took place in three sessions over the week following the Salon […]

Food at the End of the World, Part I

By Michelle Lai, Part of TANAH (SG) Food at the End of the World is a collaboration project between Bakudapan Food Study Group withTANAH, to discuss about politics of food in Indonesia. This project started in January 2018, with support from soft/WALL/studs and Cemeti Institute for Art and Society. Ideas […]

Have You Met Caviar?

Those who watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ must be familiar with “have you met Ted” sentence. This will led into an awkward situation where Ted met a strange woman who’s (forcedly) introduced by Barney. If I was on that situation, I can imagine myself being amazingly doing something stupid, […]

On Food and Travel

By Nuraini Juliastuti I fell asleep for 30 minutes in the early part of the flight from Vienna to Amsterdam last week. It was Saturday, September 1, 2012. I initially thought that the aircraft was still preparing for take off in Schwechat international airport until I saw bubble-shaped clouds from […]