Have You Met Caviar?

Have You Met Caviar?

Those who watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ must be familiar with “have you met Ted” sentence. This will led into an awkward situation where Ted met a strange woman who’s (forcedly) introduced by Barney. If I was on that situation, I can imagine myself being amazingly doing something stupid, or maybe saying and acting wacky. Then how, if that situation was when you’re meeting a food. Imagined one special food coming right to you, what would you have on your mind?

Then, have you met caviar? Briefly, I would say that I’m not a person who will able to encounter a situation on meeting caviar. Please, caviar would be a person who came from a rich, classy, or maybe a royal family – who might be owned an island in some exotic country. Now, who am I? Not literally a girl, but not yet a woman (as Britney said), who cannot even stand when she saw a hot, oily, crispy gorengan. Short information, gorengan is the most wonderful creature in this world. For Indonesian, they must be familiar with this. For those who don’t know, the easiest to explain is all ingredient you can mention, deep fried in a batter with lots of oil. How on earth I would able to meet caviar then?

Caviar is way beyond my reach. I felt so distant with caviar, especially caviar didn’t come from Indonesia. But, I guess caviar already been to Indonesia several times, maybe there’s some caviar who already stayed in Indonesia. However, again, I might never met them. When caviar stay in Indonesia, they must be in Jakarta, largely in a luxurious neighbourhood – e.g. in Kemang, Senopati, Menteng, or Pondok Indah (the only neighbourhood that came right away in my mind).

My money wouldn’t brave enough to brought me to meet them. Even caviar’s friends, if I dare enough to imagined, they would wear every brands that exist in Pacific Place Mall – the place that makes me small, even though I know I’m big enough to be recognize. Caviar’s friends also might rides the expensive and rare cars which you never heard before. So basically, everything caviar’s friends owned and wore, they were all expensive. I knew I would never be friend with them.

Not to mention, caviar’s family. What strikingly came to my unusual mind is a royal or a wealthy family. They were really hard to meet in person – only on rare occasion you can meet them. They also might had a huge business which their fortune could be pass into uncountable generations. Living in this wealthy family, caviar would be grew up where caviar asked or pointed to anything caviar wants, caviar would get it. Never forget, they probably owned an enormous hideous house far outside the city.

Just in case you get bored with all my descriptions, let me sum it into short sentence, caviar is a rich person.

Nevertheless, I’m not going to refuse if there’s a moment where I can meet caviar personally. It will be an honoured. Until those days to come, I’m trying to get know caviar bit by bit through the almighty Google. Looking forward to meeting you, caviar.