Chinese Tomato and Egg (Xihongshi Chaojidan) Recipe

By Billie Tang Illustration by Shilfina Putri I work as a curator in Rockbund Art Museum, a non-profit institution based in the Shanghai. I thought maybe to share a few of recipes. There just from experience and different situations of living under lockdown here. I’ll try to keep it simple […]

The Grilling of a Meaty Masculinity

Shilfina Putri Widatama That sizzling sound of masculinity, can you hear it? It comes from somewhere between the cooking of bloody red meat and its juicy marbling fat. It is becoming, just like how black crisps are spreading all over the meaty surface. And it is present, the moment they […]

Protein in the Fastest Way

Ingredients: 1 egg Pepper Salt Direction: Boil the egg for 15 minutes While you waiting for the egg, mix the pepper with the salt in the same portion. Peel the eggshell, slice into 2 slices. Spread the mix of salt and pepper on it. Ready to eat. * This recipe […]