Bakudapan in Istanbul Design Biennale

Bakudapan in Istanbul Design Biennale

This September Bakudapan will participated in Istanbul Design Biennale. With the titled “A School of Schools”, the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial will stretch both the space and time of the traditional design event, manifesting as a flexible year-long programme within which to respond to global acceleration, generating alternative methodologies, outputs and forms of design and education. A School of Schools manifests as a set of dynamic learning formats encouraging creative production, sustainable collaboration, and social connection.

In this event Bakudapan will exhibit our previous publication “Unpacking Embodied Knowledge” and give a workshop series about leftover, with the titled “Gleaning from Abandoned Land” and “Ways of Waste”.

About the Workshop

We are interested to study about the leftover, the residue, the barren, the unproductive, the invaluable things including the waste of fruits or vegetables and the edible weeds.

For us, these definition has to be examined and how’s the term become construct our mind and being interpretation. We believe under the capitalist system, where were all about productivity, economic and market; eliminated things happened due to out of their value. And this is the beginning of this condition.

We strives to not follow that system, so we propose to learn together through a series of workshop. First is “Ways of Waste” where we can questioned where the practice of consume fruits and vegetables come from? Why we only eat that parts and throw some parts? And further why we eat this fruits and not that? How the circulation of this common knowledge happened? In doing this, we can also experiment together to cook  some “inedible” parts of fruits and vegetables then share either food also knowledge we gain from the workshop.

The second learn will be about “Gleaning in Abandoned Land”. Gleaning is term describe as the right of and the practice of gathering leftover crops over someone’s property (usually farmer) after they have been commercially harvested or where reaping is not economically viable. Today, while all the cities are own by somebody or government we wants to challenge is it still possible to do gleaning?

We interested to do in abandoned land, which usually the vegetal were grow over that field does not have any value and more consider as weed. Through this activities we eager to challenge either the ownership and the valuable notion as well as the edible weed as food source. This workshop also will conducted with several steps, including become the gleaners, then cook and eat in the end.