FAST AND FOOD-RIOUS: It’s fast, it’s food, and it’s serious

BAKUDAPAN’s topic of discussion will be a project about fast food.  first project will discuss about fast food. The emergence of fast food chains in Indonesia is widely attributed to the first KFC franchise in 1979, followed by other key fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc.

There is many research that has already done about fast food as a part of modern culture that always fast, efficient, predicted by time, quality standard, and service. We agreed to consider fast food beyond just taste and flavor, beyond the affect on our health but fast food as a symbol of modern life in a post- industrial society.

When discussing fast food as a global phenomenon, one must not exclude its existence in the local area. Many fast food franchises offer their products with local values depending on where they are located – this is a key marketing strategy. For example, there is a variant of burger using rendang from McDonald’s in Indonesia and Singapore. Moreover, the fast food franchise also creates various adaptions depending on the consumer base, one example is adjusting the spiciness in each country.

The presence of fast food franchises also seems to inspire local entrepreneurs to create restaurants which have the similar menus and tastes. The number of local fast food inspired restarurants that have emerged in Yogyakarta is also of interest to BAKUDAPAN. Starting from fried chicken such as KFC and Olive, McDonald’s and Mister Burger, until Hoka-hoka Bento and Oto Bento.

Why are the menus they offer so similar? Is this a form of appropriation in today’s eating culture? Or is the existence of local fast food inspired restaurants a means of providing affordable prices in comparison to their franchise competitors?

From these key questions, we feel the existence of fast food restaurants in Yogyakarta have many interesting stories behind them. BAKUDAPAN will see what kind of stories appear when we discuss local fast food restaurants in Yogyakarta