Fast and Foodrious

Fast Food Auction

To initiate our LIMINAL Cemeti project, we created a fast food auction sale which was parodically performed in a professional way. It reminded of auctions of luxurious objects like artworks in auction centers. Besides, the auction was performed in Cemeti art house that is a gallery to display contemporary artworks. […]

Fast Food Dialogue Across The Country

  “What’s so bad about feeling good?”[1] It started in the middle of heat wave that attacked Yogyakarta on June, Bakudapan started with their ambitious (yet exciting) activities in Cemeti Art House, still in the bigger frame of “Fast and Foodrious” project. Each person in Bakudapan has their own interest […]

Fast Food Memories – Past, Present, Future

By: Jonas Wiedenmann I do not eat at McDonald’s anymore. But this was coming a long way. Here it is. The Past It was not like it was forbidden. But it was exciting anyway. Born in 1990 as the child of an upper-middle-class family in Freiburg, southern Germany, my dad sometimes […]

Second meeting (6/5/2015)

One week later, Bakudapan met again. This time, we formally introduced all of our participants – namely Elia, Mira, Putri, Agni, Bagus, Febri, Uma, Dwicky, Benny, Gatari, Fikry, Nisa, and Gloria. For our second discussion we tried to breakdown the issues we covered during the first meeting. We started the […]

First Meeting (28/4/2015)

With the help of KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre, we finally held our first meeting with all participants of Bakudapan. When the time hit 18.30, one by one the participants started to arrive. We greeted the participants by serving  (almost) fast food snacks; fried tofu and soda drink. Perhaps because our […]

Becoming a seller

From the photos on the above, pretty much displayed our first interactions with our first theme, which is fast food. Started as a purpose to raise money for our project, Bakudapan attempt to sell a fast food package, copying from McDonald’s package “PaNas”. We consider “PaNas” package as one of […]