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BAKUDAPAN is a study group that discuss ideas about food. The word BAKUDAPAN itself is inspired by “bakudapa”, which comes from Manadonese (North Sulawesi) language meaning to “meet”, and also “kudapan” which is a kind of snack that is usually served when there are activities such as a meeting, visiting, and even when hanging out. Therefore, “bakudapan” can be translated as eating snacks while meeting. Through this name, we would like to meet with people who have an interest in food.

We believe that food not merely about filling the stomach. Moreover, food are not restricted about cooking, history, conservation and the ambition to introduce it to the world. For us, food can be an instrument to speak about broader issues, such as politics, social, gender, economy, philosophy, art, and culture.

As a study group, we were open for those who would like to join with our projects and activities, despite the difference of backgrounds. The main scheme in our projects is to do cross reference and research about food, which have a trajectory between art, ethnography, research and practice. In doing research, we interested to explore and experiment with the methods and forms, from arts (performance, artistic setting, exhibition, etc) to daily life practices (cooking, gardening, reading, etc). As a reflection process and our intention to generate and share the knowledge, we produce a journal in every projects and actively train ourselves to writes in our website.

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